Class Times

Sunday: 4PM
Mondays: 6:30PM


Mission: We believe that the first gift God gave was your body. We would like to help you take care of it. We also believe that community gets stronger through shared struggle. We would like to join in the struggle with you.
We also believe prayer is the most powerful thing we can do. So we would like to pray for you. At Broken fitness we are trying to work on fitness and prayer ourselves and if you would like to join us we would love for you to be apart of our tribe.
We meet Sundays and Mondays. Sundays at 4PM and Mondays at 6:30AM and 6:30PM
We are led by Pastor Kit, who is a Level 1 Crossfit trainer. We follow the Mayhem affiliate programing but sometimes switch it up. We can scale any workout in a way that you can participate and get a good workout. We hope to see you there!
We know it isn't always easy to get to the gym, or maybe you just don't like the crowds. We get it. We want to make sure you have what you need to get in a good workout in at the house.
Broken at home is ready to help.  Each week on our Facebook page we post two workouts that you can do at home or anywhere. Each workout has 3 variations.

Backpack = Doing the workouts with a backpack that has weight in it. We recommend 30# for men and 20# for women, but whatever weight you want is fine.
No Equipment = This one is what it sounds like just get your body moving.
Mom option = This one is specifically designed to help out women especially if you are dealing with some core strength issues.

Be sure to comment if you use one of our workouts. We love knowing who is getting after it!


Pastor Kit is a level one Crossfit trainer and has been doing Crossfit and functional fitness for 6 years. He loves God and loves working out.