Adult Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday School classes are a vital part of our discipleship at First Methodist Temple. Scroll down to find the right class for you! Classes are located in various places around our campus and gather Sunday mornings from 9:40 am to 10:40 am.

New Sunday School Class

Sanctuary Building - Church Parlor

Taught by Pastor Tom.  We invite people ages 20-55.
Meets every Sunday at 9:40 AM in the ChurchParlor

Contact: Pastor Tom Robbins

The Vine

Sanctuary Building - Room 242

If you are new to our church or have been looking for an adult Sunday School class, this is a new class for you.  "The Vine" led by Pastor Scott Goodfellow is meant for anyone who wants to learn more about the bible to grow in their relationship with the true vine, Jesus.  Weekly lessons sometimes complement the current sermon series for worship.

Contact: Pastor Scott Goodfellow

Contemporary Christians

Dennis Hall - Room 117/118

Class members are generally ages 40 and up.  Studies usually include book and video components followed by discussion. Recent studies have included The Wesleyan Way by Scott J. Jones and Counterfeit Christianity by Roger E. Olsen.  The class celebrates "Social Sunday"  with potluck dishes on the first Sunday of every month.

Contact: Bob & Pat Fader

Saints & Sinners

Sanctuary Building - Room 222

Saints and Sinners is a class of mature adults, both couples and   singles, some are retired, who enjoy long term, supportive relationships while warmly welcoming new members into their circle of friends.  Lively class discussions are led by a team of  teachers and include both straight Biblical studies and occasional spiritual topics.  We have just concluded  a study of I and II Peter and will soon begin Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History, a study by Francis Schaeffer.

Contact: Laura Petty & Lucia Tipton

Discovery & Dialogue

Sanctuary Building - Room 224

A small class for ages 50 and up.  Free thought and open discourse on topical and contemporary subjects is encouraged. Media used include videos of spiritual lectures, dramatic interpretations of biblical stories, and travels of the Holy Lands.

Contact: Ann Lueck

Dawson Class

Sanctuary Building - Room 201

First organized in 1954, membership in this historic class is generally ages 50 and up.  The class is led by rotating teachers using the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study.  The benediction spoken in unison each Sunday is from Psalm 90:12, "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."


Prayer Warriors

Meets Sunday Evenings at the Howard's Home

A new class for all ages and stages of faith.  The focus is on the prayers of the Bible through practice and participation.  The primary leader is Dr. David Howard, a retired pastor and counselor.

Contact: Dr. David Howard

Christian Collage

Sanctuary Building - Room 110

Formed in the late 1970s, our membership consists of present retirees, active grandparents, and career focused singles and couples.  Present curriculum is from the Cokesbury Adult Bible series with application to scripture.  Christian Collage is focused to learn and apply a Bible based study.  Spiritual backgrounds vary and differing and concurring opinions are shared in an amicable manner.  We encourage and support the needs and concerns of class members, church family, and community.  Class members also enjoy fellowship through regularly scheduled socials to keep us laughing, building relationships, and loving one another.  Class members are active in other ministries and outreach areas within church and community.

Contact: Bette Snyder & Susan Luck

College-Age Gathering

Sanctuary Building-3rd Floor

Coffee and Donuts with Dr. Carl Bradley.  Discussion and short Bible study lesson provided.
All are welcome!