First @ Family Promise

Hello Church,
Family Promise is one of the organizations we are focusing on for our missions. Our next time to serve meals at Family Promise will be Sept 24th and Sept 29th. On Sunday we need folks who are able to provide a meal for the residents. It can be a drop off meal or stay and serve.
On Friday we would need some folks who are ready to provide a meal and some folks who are ready to help facilitate a Family Fun Night from 5:30PM to 7:30PM. This can be anything from a Mario Cart tournament on the family promise Nintendo switch, to karaoke, or a movie night. The food for this evening can also be low key like hotdogs or hamburgers.

Reaching out to Temple, TX

We are seeking to build community through service and relationships.
As a result our Church is involved in several local missions efforts.
If you would like to learn more about opportunities to serve please contact us. 
411 house
Feed My Sheep
Family Promise
Food Pantry

Serving God and Serving our Neighbors

Contact the Church office if you would like to Serve  with us..