First Methodist @ Family Promise

Hello Friends! April 9th - 15th is our turn to help out at Family Promise. There are some great folks at Family Promise and we know you will love spending time with them. You have a couple options of helping out by providing a meal, hanging out with Residents for a couple hours in the evening, and/or being an overnight host. We will be happy to explain and train you for each of these things. Our goal is to get every spot filled as fast as we can. Sign up by following the website link below.

Reaching out to Temple, TX

We are seeking to build community through service and relationships.
As a result our Church is involved in several local missions efforts.
If you would like to learn more about opportunities to serve please contact us. 
411 house
Feed My Sheep
Family Promise
Food Pantry

Serving God and Serving our Neighbors

Contact the Church office if you would like to Serve  with us..