Church Building Restoration Phase 1 Summary

Brick mural above western roof, shown with decaying mortar.
Closeup of brickwork with decayed mortar.
Closeup of brickwork with decayed mortar. Bricks are shown already shifting.
Atrium archway shown with most mortar gone.
Closeup of deteriorating paint on windows. Wood has been exposed for some time, exposing it and underlying materials to extensive water damage.
Wide shot of windows with deteriorating paint, exposing them and underlying materials to further water damage.
Stone windowsill shown with decaying mortar.
Stained-glass window sill showing extensive paint and underlying wood damage.
Stained-glass window sill shown with knife embedded, indicating extensive wood damage underneath obvious paint damage.
Mortar shown with extensive damage from cracking. Water will continue to enter cracks and accelerate damage.
Mortar shown with extensive decay, allowing moss to fill voids. Moss will further expedite the damage.
Stained-glass window shown with extensive paint peeling, exposing paint and wood to water damage.
Previous mortar repair shown. New repair mortar will last around 30 years and will be matched to current mortar color.
Closeup of stained-glass window pane, with extensive paint peeling at all the cross-joints.

Financial Commitment

Please pray about what you can commit to the restoration of our beautiful church campus!

You can setup a one-time or recurring gift towards "Church Restoration" fund on the church giving page or fill out the form below and someone will be in touch!